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Riverside Paper has partnered with Natural Organic Process Enterprises LLC as our commercial composter of choice for the Hampton Roads area. Please either contact your sales rep or NOPE Virginia directly to see how we can all make a difference.

Riverside Paper Company is committed to providing you environmentally friendly or “Green” alternatives for traditional paper and packaging products. We proudly offer items that are 100% biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, As well as made from renewable resources. We offer cups, containers, and cutlery made from corn, potatoes, wheat and even bamboo. These materials are formed into products that are similar to the petroleum based products that are so widely used today, without all of the harmful materials.

As consumers are increasingly committed to protecting their environment, the demand for biodegradable materials will increase. Retailers who use environmentally friendly products will distinguish themselves from their competitors.

The Harvest Collection™ from Genpak is a new and exciting line of compostable plates, compostable food containers, and compostable cups that are produced from naturally occurring, annually renewable resources such as corn, rice and wheat that will completely compost and biodegrade when placed into a commercially run composting facility. The compostable products within the Harvest Collection™ line look and feel just like traditional top-of-the-line plastic items, but have the added benefit of being produced from annually renewable resources. Choose from a wide selection of biodegradable food service products including dinnerware items, serving bowls, cups and hinged take out containers.

HCD06 Harvest 6" Plate 1000/case View Items
HCD09 Harvest 9 " Plate 500/case
HCD10 Harvest 10-1/4" Plate 500/case
HCD12 Harvest 12oz. Bowl 1000/case
HCD13 Harvest 10-1/4" 3-Compartment Plate 500/case
HCD39 Harvest 9" 3-Compartment Plate 500/case
HCB24 Harvest 24oz. Bowl 200/case
HCB32 Harvest 32oz. Bowl 200/case
HCC16 Harvest 16oz. Cold Drink Cup 200/case
HCH80 Harvest Med. 8x8x2-1/4" Hinged Container 200/case
HCH83 Harvest Med. 8x8x2-1/4" 3-Comp Hinged Container 200/case

Greenware® cups are a line of crystal clear, American made premium cold drink cups and lids manufactured from NatureWorks® biopolymer, a resin currently derived entirely from plants. Ranging in sizes from 7 to 24 ounces, Greenware products are a sustainable solution in foodservice packaging. Sturdy and stylish, Greenware cups feature a rolled rim for drinking comfort and leak-resistant lid application.

Greenware PLA Cold Cups - Derived from corn View Items
GC7 Greenware 7 oz. clear cup 1000/case
GC90F Greenware 9 oz. old Fashioned 1000/case
GC10 Greenware 10 oz. clear Cup 1000/case
GC12S Greenware 12 oz. clear Cup 1000/case
GC16S Greenware 16 oz. clear Cup 1000/case
GC20 Greenware 20 oz. clear Cup 1000/case
GC24 Greenware 24 oz. clear Cup 600/case
PLA Lids
LGC9/10 Greenware Lid for GC10 25/100
DLGC1220 Greenware Dome Lid 1" Hole GC90F,12S,20 1000/case
DLGC1624 Greenware Dome Lid 1" Hole GC16S GC24 1000/case
LGC12/20 Greenware Lid Fits Greenware GC90F / GC12S / GC20 1000/case
LGC16/24 Greenware Lid Fits Greenware GC16S / GC24 1000/case

  • Primarily composed of materials which are made of annually renewable plants-sugar cane and reeds.
  • Products withhold 120°C hot oil and 100°C hot water for two hours without leaking.
  • It keeps food fresh in refrigeration and heats in the same container in microwave; it is a simple way to maintain high quality and cleaner foodstuffs.
  • Products are recyclable and biodegradable; it is Greenwave's contribution for protecting natural resources and the enviroment.
TWT00008 Greenwave 5 Compartment School Tray 400/case
TWP00001 Greenwave 6" Plate 1000/case
TWP00002 Greenwave 7" Plate 1000/case
TWP00013 Greenwave 9.5" Plate 500/case
TWP00004 Greenwave 10" Plate 500/case
TWP00012 Greenwave 10x12.5" Platter 500/case
TWB00011 Greenwave 9x9x3 Hinged Container 300/case
TWB00013 Greenwave 9x9x3 3 Compartment Hinged Container 300/case
TWB00004 Greenwave 6x6x2 Burger Box 400/case
Salad Bowls
TWBL0003 Greenwave 12 Oz.bowl 1200/case
Carry Trays
TWT00027 Greenwave 4-Cup Carry Tray 250/case

Enviro-Bag 2.0: 50% P.C.R!

EV2.0 diverts plastic intended for land-fills. It takes 91% LESS ENERGY to recycle a pound of plastic than a pound of paper. Reusing or recycling one ton of plastic bags saves the equivalent of 462 gallons of oil. The EV 2.0 contains 90% Total Recycled Content and a minimum 50% Post Consumer Recycled Material plus 40% Secondary Recycled. The remaining 10% is New Technology Resins for more strength & source reduction.

  • Flat Seal Construction for maximum volume meaning less plastic for proper fit
  • XHeavy+ construction may allow for multiple uses of liner
  • XHeavy+ construction prevents leakage
  • Xheavy+ construction prevents bag failure and environmentally damaging “chemical cleanups”
  • Brown Kraft boxes contain PCR with Chlorine Free pulp
  • Each bag printed with recycled logo & EV2.0 for heightened customer awareness
  • Custom case packs designed for NO corrugated waste

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*Color may vary due to high Post Consumer Recycled Material Content
NOTE: There is not currently a Green Seal Certification standard for can liners.